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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry Major

The program leading to the Bachelor of Science with a major in chemistry includes a diversity of fundamental and advanced courses in organic, inorganic, analytical, physical chemistry, and biochemistry.

Chemistry Major Requirements: 

Chemistry Courses     Hrs
CHEM 121/122-123/124 or CHEM 137N/138N        Foundations of Chemistry I & II or Accelerated General Chemistry I & II Lecture /Lab                       8
CHEM 211-213            Organic Chemistry Lecture I & II                    6
CHEM 212-214            Organic Chemistry Laboratory I & II              4
CHEM 321                    Analytical Chemistry Lecture                          3
CHEM 322                    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory                    2
CHEM 331-333            Physical Chemistry Lecture I & II                    6
CHEM 332W-334W         Physical Chemistry Laboratory I & II             4
CHEM 351                   Inorganic Chemistry                                3
CHEM 421                   Instrumental Analysis Lecture  3
CHEM 422                   Instrumental Analysis Laboratory                               3
CHEM 441                   Biochemistry Lecture                                         3
CHEM 485                   Chemistry Seminar                                           1
CHEM electives. Select one from below:                                                                 
CHEM 415                   Intermediate Organic Chemistry                                           3
CHEM 443                   Intermediate Biochemistry                                          3
CHEM 449                    Environmental Chemistry                                          3
CHEM 451                   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry                                          3
CHEM 453                   Essentials of Toxicology                                          3
CHEM electives. Select one from below:                                                                 
CHEM 352                   Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory                                          2
CHEM 442W                   Biochemistry Laboratory                                          4
CHEM 452                    Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory                                           2
CHEM 497/498 (2 credits)                     Independent Study                                           1/2

Other Required Courses

In addition to completing the university's lower division general education requirements and upper division general education requirements, chemistry majors must complete the following courses:
MATH 163                  Precalculus II                                                   3
MATH 211                  Calculus I    4
MATH 212                  Calculus II                                                          4
MATH 312                  Calculus III                                                         4
PHYS 231N-232N      University Physics I & II                                    8

Chemistry majors must have a C or better in all required chemistry coursework and must complete a minimum of 12 credits in upper level (300/400) chemistry courses at Old Dominion University. Written permission by the CDA or chair is required prior to taking upper level chemistry courses at other institutions.

Graduates of this program will have their degree certified by the American Chemical Society.

Requirements for graduation include a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 overall and in the major, 120 credit hours, passage of the Exit Examination of Writing Proficiency, and completion of Senior Assessment. Additional hours may be required to meet the foreign language requirement. Chemistry majors may not use the biochemistry minor to fulfill upper-division general education requirements.

Accelerated Track Program:

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers an accelerated track program to provide outstanding students the chance to complete both the B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemistry in five years. This accelerated program includes tracks in environmental sciences and in marine sciences/oceanography (see the environmental sciences and marine sciences/oceanography track descriptions for the M.S. program). Students accepted into this program will work towards the B.S. in chemistry by taking a full schedule of courses each semester and summer. Graduate courses will begin in the summer following the third year and continue through the summer of the fifth year. When they are near completion of their undergraduate curriculum, accelerated track students can move into the M.S. chemistry program, in either the environmental sciences track or the marine sciences track, or they may enter the M.S.-oceanography program to study chemical oceanography. Both the environmental sciences and the marine sciences/oceanography programs take a holistic approach to studying environmental and marine research problems by emphasizing the relationships between biological, chemical, and geological systems in the global environment.

Contact the departmental office for more details at (757) 683-4078.