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RV Fay Slover

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R/V FAY SLOVER, a 55-ft. LOA, 17-ft. beam, 5 ft. draft,  all-aluminum research vessel, at Old Dominion University. FAY SLOVER, named for a famous sea-lover and benefactor of the University, is a fast, stable platform operating in the Chesapeake Bay, estuaries, and for coastal research providing rapid sampling for physical, biological, chemical, and geological oceanographic projects and water quality. SLOVER's capabilities and versatility allow for exploration, hydrography, meteorological monitoring (including air quality) and instrumentation deployment.
Standard parameters that are routinely recorded underway are DGPS navigation, conductivity and salinity, temperature, fluorescence, light transmission, air temperature, relative humidity, wind vectors and depth. In addition, SLOVER is equipped with an instrumentation well that accommodates a 600 kHz ADCP to measure top-to-bottom current structure underway.
On-station sampling is accomplished with a 12-bottle rosette equipped with a CTD and sensors to measure dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, light transmission, and pH.

The R/V Fay Slover is a day boat, which can sail up to 12 hours per day. She docks at marinas with nearby motel and dining facilities for overnight accommodations on multi-day trips.
R/V Fay Slover is Coast Guard inspected as a "T-boat," passenger vessel for hire, 100 Gross Tons or less. USCG also recognizes that Old Dominion University has designated Fay Slover as an "oceanographic research vessel", and as such conforms to certain additional specific Coast Guard requirements, assuring a high standard of condition and performance.