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Research Participation

The Psychology Department believes that educating you about the scientific basis for the study of human behavior is an important part of our program. Giving you the opportunity to participate in psychological research projects provides one mechanism for meeting this goal.  If you are enrolled in Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 201S), Lifespan Development (203S), Honors Introduction to Psychology (226), or Honors Lifespan Development (227) there is a  "Research Participation or Critique" requirement in your course.  Other psychology courses may make research participation or critique a requirement of the course or offer it for extra credit.  Students in the courses listed above must complete at least four research participation or critique credits per course.  Students in these classes are required to complete a minimum of 2 onsite and 2 offsite studies. Alternatively, students may complete research critiques or other alternative activities to fulfill this requirement.

Research participation must be voluntary and therefore you can substitute alternative activities specified by your instructor for participation in research.  Many faculty allow substitution of one Research Critique (also known as a library report) for one hour of research participation. You may participate in research studies posted on the Research Projects Bulletin Board and on the SONA Research Participation System as one way of obtaining required or extra credit in your courses.  However, equivalent credit may be obtained by completing research critiques or other alternative activities specified by your instructor.  You do not have to participate in any research in order to obtain this credit.  Click on the "Library Report" link for instructions on how to complete a Research Critique.

Click on the SONA link below to to see the research projects that are available in the department, to sign up for research participation, and to check the number of research participation credits that you have in your courses.

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