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Thesis and Dissertation Approval

Graduate Program Director's Checklist

NOTE: Both the student and their advisor should use this list for their final review of the manuscript prior to submission to the Graduate Program Director.

Theses and Dissertations submitted to the Dean's Office should be reviewed for acceptable execution of the following requirements:

  • Document should be printed on good quality paper for initial review.
  • General neatness and legibility are very important.
  • Pay close attention to the quality of duplication or reproduction.
  • Be consistent in style and format throughout the manuscript.
  • Title and Approval Page, and Abstract must match the format of samples in the Thesis Manual.
  • Correspondence (word-for-word) between the titles and page numbers in the text and the Table of Contents, List of Tables and List of Figures.
  • Follow the journal model format for Tables, Figures and References.
  • Each major heading is centered, in all capital letters, and at the top of a new page.
  • Major headings and first level subheadings appear in the Table of Contents.
  • Formatting and legibility of figures and tables should follow Thesis Manual requirements.
  • Use consecutive numbering of tables and figures throughout the main body of the manuscript.
  • Content must be present within the margins except the page numbers. 
  • No liquid paper or visible corrections on copies submitted to the Dean's Office.
  • Documents should begin with the Title/Approval Page and end with the Vita.
  • Be certain to include a major introductory chapter or section (the title includes the word "Introduction") and a major concluding chapter or section (the title contains "Summary" or "Conclusion").
  • Use consistent subheading format throughout document.