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Thesis and Dissertation Approval

Thesis/Dissertation Review Procedures

Dean’s Office, College of Sciences

Graduate students are required to submit their dissertations/theses for review by the Associate Dean’s office. The manuscript must conform to the university requirements found in the Old Dominion University Guide for Preparation of Thesls and Dissertation before it will receive approval by the Associate Dean. It is the responsibility of the student and the thesis/dissertation director to ensure that the manuscript is submitted in a timely fashion and conforms to the requirements found in the ODU Guide and any style manual/guide used in the student’s program.

Review Package Submission

A complete thesis or dissertation review package must be submitted to the Associate Dean’s secretary in OCNPS 143 at least three weeks prior to the last day of classes for the semester. A complete review package must contain:
  • a complete, clean copy of the dissertation or thesis printed on plain paper;
  • a copy of Graduate Form M2 (Result of Master’s Degree Examination or Requirement) or a copy of Graduate Form D3 (Result of Ph.D. Examination or Requirement);
  • a reprint from the Model Journal;
  • a copy of Graduate Form M3 (Master’s Thesis Acceptance and Processing), or a copy of Graduate Form D5 (Doctoral Dissertation Acceptance and Processing). The copies must be complete except for the Associate Dean’s signature.
  • Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology students must also have registered their dissertations at the VCPP office prior to submission for review.
If you are completing your thesis or dissertation from an off-campus location:
  • You may make arrangements for someone locally to pick up and deliver copies of your manuscript, forms, and model journal article, or your manuscript may be mailed to the Dean's Office with all forms and materials. Your department may be able to send copies of the required forms by way of interoffice mail. Please contact the Associate Dean's office if you need other arrangements.
  • After your review is completed, you will need someone located locally to pick up signed forms, pay fees, print copies and deliver your manuscript to the registrar.

    Manuscript Requirements

    The Associate Dean’s Office will check the thesis/dissertation for conformity to the Old Dominion University Guide for Preparation of Theses and Dissertations. The last numbered page of the guide lists the items that will be checked in the Dean’s Office.

    Students should not use old theses and dissertations as guides; if there are questions that are not addressed in the thesis/dissertation guide, students should first contact their advisor, second, their GPD and lastly, the Associate Dean's office.

    Note: If there are updates made to the Guide for Preparation of Theses and Dissertations, students must follow the copy of the ODU guide that is in effect on the first day of their graduation semester. For students in the College of Sciences, changes made to the guide during a semester will not become effective until the start of the next academic semester.

    Review Process

    The student will receive written feedback in the form of a review email from the COS reviewer, and copies will be sent to the student's advisor and Graduate Program Director. After the initial email, the student will send the reviewer a corrected electronic copy of their thesis/dissertation.

    A final electronic copy will be checked to ensure that all requested corrections have been made. The student will then receive an email that they have successfully completed their review and that the Associate Dean will sign the original Graduate Form M3/D5.

    If during the initial review significant errors or a large number of small errors are found in the manuscript, the reviewer will email the student that the thesis has too many errors for the review to continue. The student will then resubmit the review package and the process will begin again. In such a case, the student’s graduation date could be delayed.